Atmospheric and Climatic effects [AtmoFX / ClimoFX] are everywhere and affect everyone at every time scale.

This blog is a journey through those effects — Atmospheric[Atmo] and Climatic[Climo] Effects[FX] ———>> #AtmoFX, #ClimoFX

Main focus is #NationalSecurity #EnvironmentalSecurity, AtmoFX /ClimoFX and DoD/Intel Community (IC) …

But, I don’t “just stick to weather/climate” —

Other Atmospheres:  Military life, Leadership, and any amusing part of life I see. 


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Here’s me:

34+ years Gov’t service: 28+ years active duty Air Force — 20 as a weather officer/ 6 as DoD Civilian primarily leading atmospheric and climate science and the Impacts to DoD/IC.