#AtmoFX Mental Health

Image by Robb M. Randall: Double rainbow over the fog covered Organ Mountains

Author: Robb M. Randall

Today is a still, cool morning in the desert SW (Las Cruces NM) .  The last four days we have had rain.  Not just any rain, but severe drought ending rain. (We’ll actually see how it pans in Drought Monitor next week.)  But, that relief, the refreshed vegetation, the extra chirp in the birds across the desert and that unique creosote aroma the desert provides after a nice rain is magical, therapeutic actually, but why I wonder?   

We sit and feel like everything is new, calm and unlimited potential is ahead of us.  The oppressive heat, that just weighs in the background of our daily activities has taken a break.  And in doing so, we only then realize how oppressive it actually has been on us.  How much the heat and sun have been eating away at our mental capacity – pushed the stress level a couple steps up the ladder.   

Then a pause.  A beautiful double rainbow over the fog covered mountains, aroma therapy, rain refreshed life once again abundant — nice day…absolutely nice day. 

The Atmospheric Affects ( #AtmoFX) Mental Health — just doesn’t matter why.